Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Slow transiction

The Fine Grind Art Cafe is now Lyrik.... Food Art Drinks.
We've took over the Fine Grind Espresso in January 2009, slowly, we've been making changes here and there to make it a place we'd like to hang out, meet friends, eat, and drink.
Finally, we are getting there, and Joe and I decided to change the name after our daughter Liric, the cat..... here she is!

Then, we needed a graphic, and we asked our friend Yoskay Yamamoto to create for us... but Joe found the perfect character in one of Yoskay's old painting that we have in our home.

And here is the graphic with Joe's lettering, and twist....

I am working on the menus: soup and appetizers to go with our beers, winew, and sakes.

We hope you all enjoy the changes....

J.Shea and Keiko

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