Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Group Meetings

January 2o10 group events were great! It was a good start for all of them: the Japanese-karuta, The Great Create, and the Brazilian-Portuguese meeting....

Here are some images (and videos with the audio):

Ladainha songs performed by capoeira teacher Vira-Lata, and students Sabe-Tudo, Rapaz and Fanny (the video is short but you can have an idea of what is Ladainha with Brazilian instruments like "berimbal")


Simon and Zach played "Chorinho" songs ... Simon playing "pandeirao" (tambourine) and Zach playing "Bandolim" (mandolin)


And these are photos of The Great Create:

John Houx played after driving all day from California...

& Jesse and Childish watching John after they played....

And finally, some pictures of the Karuta sets we played last time. Anybody that can ready some "hiragana" can play..... this is my favorite with caracters from children's stories....

And "Daruma-san"

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