Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daymoanstar @ Lyrik

Vaughn Anderton aka Daymoanstar is the first of many monthly music acts to play at Lyrik.  I met the Pendleton native this summer while he was playing at a house show and his potential for great things in the music scene in Portland is obvious.  He's a tremendous spirit which carries into his stage presence making for a show you wind up smiling through (not an easy feat in a town with such a strong showing in the somber, shoe-gazing, indie rock genre).  If you missed the show, check out the photos below and go visit Daymoanstars myspace.

Lyrik and Breedom will be teaming up to bring you live music on the third Thursday of each month.  Keep an ear to the ground for the lineup for the show on February 17th.


  1. We are looking forward for more great events like this one! it was awesome! Thanks Bree!

  2. I'm so glad Day Moanstar is getting some love. We sure miss him at home!