Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mochitsuki Portland 2011

Just thought that I should let you all know that we are selling tickets for Mochitsuki 2011.
Last year, I volunteered at the event and it was a pretty fun and amazing event.
The entrance for general public is free... there are many yummy Japanese food vendors and shows. But if you'd like to see Mochitsuki choreographs, there are 3 shows to choose from.
Please check their website for more info http://mochipdx.org/
We probably will be selling tickets until the day before... but if you are planing to attend the shows, my advise is to get the tickets asap. Last year, many people could not see them because the tickets were sold out, and they are cheaper if you by in advance.
By the way, because we are volunteering to sell the tickets (and the outrageous fees from credit card merchants) we can only take cash for Mochitsuki tickets.
Enjoy the show!


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